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Grasshopper Mowing Kelowna is a locally owned business that offers lawn cutting services in Lower Mission, Kelowna South, Kelowna North, Glenmore and North Glenmore.

We specialize in the use of blower equipment to clean up debris after mowing and trimming quickly and cost-effectively.

Lawncare with a positive attitude

You don’t need to clean up, rake, or be on site during lawncare services. Grasshopper Mowing Kelowna services in Kelowna are available for home owners, tenanted properties, vacation rentals and real estate agents wanting their listings to show and sell for the highest price.

Our Mission

To beautify yards and playgrounds safely and efficiently.

Our Vision

To save homeowners and commercial properties time, money and frustration in their landscaping projects.

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We mow lawns between the months of March and November each year. We also handle seasonal lawn assistance in both March and November. If you're interested in spring and autumn cleanup services, we can cater to your wishes without charging extra. This seasonal care is part of our lawn mowing work. Note, too, that our customers don't even have to pay for bags for yard waste.

Our approach to lawn mowing service is the definition of comprehensive. We cut lawns meticulously, first of all. We thoroughly trim lawn borders at the intersections of gardens and walkways. We get rid of any and all remnants of unsightly debris.

If you're searching for professionals who can provide you with one-time lawn mowing, you can turn to us as well. We're not just a company that specializes in regular lawn care services. If you want to spruce up your lawn prior to throwing an outdoor party, we're more than ready to cater to your wishes. Be sure to ask us about our vacation mowing work, too. It doesn't matter if you're heading to a tropical island or to a bustling European metropolis. We can keep your lawn looking fantastic and healthy any time you're not around. If you opt for our vacation assistance, you can stay on top of your mowing service online.

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