Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Course Kelowna BC

Gallagher’s Canyon is indeed an 18-hole championship golf course with tricky fairways, well-protected greens, and breathtaking views. It is considered to be one of the greatest in the country. You’ll marvel at the scenery as you play through thick ponderosa pine trees and along the canyon’s very edge throughout the course.

Just minutes from downtown city of Kelowna and Lake Okanagan, the warm dry environment and dazzling sunny days that characterize this section of the province provide excellent conditions for exceptional golf. You are also invited to play our mid-length 9-hole Pinnacle Course. See

Gallagher’s Canyon, framed by wooded mountains and steep bluffs beneath pure blue northern sky, provides the typical Okanagan golf experience: rough but elegant. Miles of orchards and vineyards dot the hillsides that rise from adjacent Lake Okanagan. Gallagher’s unrivaled golf complex includes the championship Canyon Course as well as the distinctly beautiful nine-hole Pinnacle Course, which will test both masters and apprentices.

After golf, imagine your way to the well-appointed clubhouse, where our chef prepares a spectacular dinner experience at the Canyon Bar & Grill utilizing the famously fresh local fruits and vegetables of the Okanagan Valley. Alternatively, visit our unmatched Golf Academy at Gallagher’s Canyon, where expert Canadian PGA instructors provide their own menu of methods to enhance your game.

The GolfBC Championship, a Mackenzie Tour PGA TOUR Canada tournament, is held at Gallagher’s Canyon. The title sponsor is GolfBC, the owner/operator of Gallagher’s Canyon. Since its inception in 2016, the GolfBC Championship has made a significant charitable impact in the Kelowna area, with a total of $600,000 awarded to local charities over the four years, including the BC Cancer Foundation (the event’s designated charity beneficiary), the Canadian Red Cross to aid 2017 flood relief efforts in the Kelowna area, and the Central Okanagan Community Food Bank.

Rules of Golf Changes

  • The regulations of golf were altered in the beginning of 2019 in order to make the game simpler to play. Please examine the adjustments as recommended by the Gallagher’s Canyon Handicap Committee and Club Management.
  • You may choose whether to put the flagstick in or out.
  • The time it takes to find a ball has been decreased from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • The ball MUST be dropped at knee height.
  • You have the option of taking a drop from an unplayable lie in a bunker. If you drop in the bunker, you will get a one-stroke penalty. If you drop the ball outside the bunker, you will receive a two-stroke penalty ( must be on the line to the pin).
  • There is no penalty if your ball strikes you or your equipment.
  • There is no penalty for a double hit.

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