Waterfront Park Kelowna

Waterfront Park, located in the city center on Water Street next to the Grand Hotel, has a concession stand and restrooms. This park, which winds along the lakeshore, has a broad boardwalk that meanders along the water’s edge all the way to City Park. There are beautifully landscaped gardens, public art, and plenty of city views to look forward to. At this city-centerpark, you’ll find native wildlife, exotic plants, calm swimming waters, and a regular schedule of events.

When you visit Waterfront Park, you’ll see plant life from all over the world, artwork from some of Canada’s best sculptors, and a tranquil lake. Relax on the beach during the day, or come in the evening to see concerts and open-air movie screenings.

If you want to spend a quiet afternoon by yourself, go to Waterfront Park and soak up the relaxing atmosphere. Choose a spot on the sand at Tugboat Bay or a seat beneath the oak trees in the park. Swim in the lake or rent a boat and sail around it.

As you walk along the boardwalks, you will see gardens landscaped with a mix of native and exotic plants from all over the world. Make your way to Rhapsody Plaza. Fountains and artwork by some of Canada’s most well-known artists can be found here. A brilliant white sculpture of three intertwined dolphins is one of the highlights. Continue on to Rotary Marsh, located at the far end of the beach, to see a variety of native bird species.

If you want to go for a longer walk, the boardwalk extends into the larger City Park. Return to Waterfront Park and grab a drink or a snack from one of the stands. Return to the beach via this path to enjoy views of the lake and to watch the boats drifting past.

If you visit on the weekend, don’t forget to check out the Island Stage. This performance space frequently hosts live music from local bands. The stage’s sloped bermin front creates a natural amphitheater that can seat more than 500 people.

Waterfront Park in the city of Kelowna B.C. is near the town center, at the end of Water Street. There is no admission fee and the park is open all day. There is plenty of parking nearby.


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